Letter announcing intent to bargain on CFA web site

A letter sent to CSU management last week, announcing CFA’s intent to begin bargaining the next faculty contract, is available on the CFA web site.

In that letter the CFA Bargaining Team indicated it will present its opening proposals, known as “sunshine” proposals, at the November meeting of the CSU Board of Trustees.

“Sunshine proposals send a signal to the CSU administration about what issues our faculty believe need attention at the bargaining table. Likewise, when we see the administration’s proposals we will get a clearer picture of what issues they believe are important to discuss,” said Bargaining Team Chair Andy Merrifield. “It is the first step on the road to a new contract.”

The current agreement between CFA and the CSU Chancellor’s Office for Unit 3: Faculty in the CSU expires on June 30, 2014. 

Thousands of CFA members have submitted their thoughts for the upcoming round of bargaining through our survey. In addition to providing the CFA Bargaining Team with helpful information, the large number of surveys submitted shows that CSU faculty are very interested in these contract talks and are willing to do the work that will be needed to bring home a fair contract. 

If you are a CFA member who has not yet sent a survey, fill out the survey online, or contact your campus CFA chapter for a printed copy.

If you would like to become a CFA member and fill out the survey, please go to the CFA website to join.