Bargaining Update

Bargaining Report
January 13, 2014

The CFA Bargaining Team met with representatives of CSU management on Thursday and Friday, January 9th and 10th.  The general assessment of the CFA Team was that the discussions were cordial and constructive.

There were two topics covered at the meeting, salary and workload. While no specific proposals or solutions were offered yet, in our discussions of salary we did identify areas of general agreement.

For example, both sides agree that the lack of adequate salary increases has hurt faculty across the system. Indeed, CSU management acknowledged specific issues that CFA has been pointing to for years, including salary inversion and compression, stagnation, and equity. 

The question of whether we are on the same page with the administration about the magnitude of these problems or the appropriate solutions will be explored in future sessions; CFA is committed to working for all of our members to secure fair compensation after years of stagnation, inversion, and compression

At this bargaining meeting CFA also made a presentation on workload in which we identified areas within teaching, research and service where, over the years, the demands on faculty have become excessive.

We also suggested a variety of ways that the issue could be addressed in each category of work. We emphasized that in our conversations and in our surveys excessive demands for teaching, research and service emerged as second only to salary. We stressed that it was an issue for which we would need to find some remedy in this contract.

One remedy that could be implemented now, we pointed out, is the equity program provided for in our current contract.  We urged the administration’s team to encourage campus administrators to implement this program. 

We urge all faculty who believe that there is an equity issue on their campus to work with their CFA chapters to press their campus presidents to develop and implement an Equity Three program.