Bargaining Update

CFA and CSU management exchange initial bargaining proposals
The exchange marks the first official step in talks over the faculty's next contract

October 25, 2013—CFA and CSU management began the official process of negotiating the next collective bargaining agreement for the CSU faculty today with an exchange of initial bargaining proposals.

CFA’s public notice proposals have been ratified unanimously by the CFA Board of Directors. These proposals were sent to the CSU Board of Trustees in order to ensure a spot for discussion of successor contract talks on the agenda of the November 5, 2013 Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach. And we have shared the CFA proposals in an email to CFA Members.

It is CFA’s goal to begin bargaining over a successor to the current collective bargaining agreement well before the June 30, 2014 expiration date of our current contract.

Sometimes these proposals are referred to as “sunshine” bargaining proposals because they shine a light on a bargaining process that is not generally conducted in the public eye. “Sunshine” proposals allow anyone who is interested to know what is going on in the publicly funded CSU.

These sunshine proposals reflect responses from the bargaining surveys completed by thousands of CFA members as well as the many conversations CFA leaders and Bargaining Team members have had with the faculty on the campuses in the last few months.

While the public “sunshine’ proposals are written in broad terms, they will be spelled out with much greater specificity and detail by the CFA Bargaining Team once we are at the bargaining table.

Once bargaining begins, the process will be guided by requirements spelled out in the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA). That process is overseen by the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB).

CFA hopes the bargaining process for the next contract will be smooth but we plan to be prepared for anything. Our goal is a contract that provides equity and fairness and enhances our ability as faculty members to provide quality public higher education to our students.

Working together we will win a contract that is good for faculty, students, and the CSU.