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State of CSU
Open Letter to SJSU Faculty

Dear Colleagues,

I watched the Chancellor’s State of the University and was encouraged by his statements asserting the responsibility of the State of California for the financial health of the CSU and his call for partnerships with businesses to secure the necessary resources. Chancellor White pointed out that the University is operating with $8000 less in funding per degree earned in the last 10 years, and that the University is lean and efficient. Yet this “efficiency” masks serious sacrifices by students and faculty.

Individual students and their families have paid higher tuition and fees to replace disappearing funding from the State of California. Faculty have been working at frozen pay, and more and more of the instruction is being performed by low-paid temporary adjunct lecturers who do the best they can. In this the CSU has adopted the ruinous strategy of higher education administrators across the United States.

I commend the Chancellor for highlighting the central importance of students to the life of the University. However, Chancellor White did not address faculty who have been systematically underpaid over the last ten years, while at the same time administrators’ salaries have elevated them into the top ten percent of the income distribution of our state. We are looking for Chancellor White to correct this distortion of the CSU’s priorities and allocation of funds, so that the hard work of students’ learning can be matched by a faculty whose hard work is rewarded, respected, and treated with dignity.

Also, please join us for all SJSU faculty meeting on February 24th, Tuesday, from 11:30 to 1 PM, in Engineering 285. As always, lunch will be served. We will discuss the details of the campus-based equity program outlined in our new contract under the Article 31.12. We will also do a general overview of what’s in our newly ratified contract.


Preston Rudy

CFA SJSU President