Campus PA-LEG Chairs


Campus Political Action & Legislative Committee Chairs

At the heart of CFA’s political program are our campus-based Political Action & Legislative Committees and their chairs. The primary responsibility of Campus Political Action & Legislative Committee Chairs is to organize a campus-based committee to coordinate faculty advocacy and political action work. They also coordinate efforts with campus student intern programs, and develop working relationships with local labor unions.

Specific duties/responsibilities of Campus Political Action & Legislative Committee Chairs include:

  • Organizing CFA members on their campus to participate with in-district lobby visits and participate in CFA’s annual Lobby Day in Sacramento. These visits help CFA build relationships and improve awareness with legislators on faculty issues and CFA issue campaigns.
  • Organizing legislative candidate interviews, and making recommendations to the state Political Action & Legislative Committee regarding candidate endorsements.
  • Attending and organizing fellow CFA members on their campus to attend local fundraisers for Assembly and Senate representatives.
  • Encouraging contributions to CFA political action funds at all campus events and activities.
  • Establishing a “contact list” of faculty activists who are willing to make phone calls, write letters, visit with legislators, walk precincts, interview candidates and/or help recruit other faculty activists.
  • Organizing faculty activists to support CFA political campaigns and CFA-endorsed candidates and ballot initiatives.
  • Distributing CFA political and legislative literature.

Below you will find a current list of Campus Political Action & Legislative Committee Chairs:

Bakersfield: Stephanie Salomon

Channel Islands: Greg Wood

Chico: Sue Peterson

Dominguez Hills: Samila Amanyraoufpoor

East Bay: Kim Geron

Fresno: Vacant

Fullerton: Shelly Arsneault

Humboldt: Guy Arnoff

Long Beach: Alfredo Carlos

Los Angeles: Mario Castaneda

Maritime Academy: Scott Green

Monterey Bay: Arlene Haffa

Northridge: Cecile Bendavid

Pomona: Art Sutton

Sacramento: Vacant

San Bernardino: Chris Naticchia

San Diego: Mounah Abdel-Samad

San Francisco: Ron Hayduk

San Jose: Patricia Lopez

San Luis Obispo: Shelley Hurt

San Marcos: Darel Engen

Sonoma: Elaine Newman

Stanislaus: Vacant