A Message from CFA SFSU’s Executive Board in support of UC-UAW Strike

Posted on November 16, 2022

The CFA-SFSU Chapter stands in full solidarity with the ongoing strike of the academic student employees (teaching assistants, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate researchers and readers) in the University of California system. Since Monday Nov 14th, 48,000 UC academic workers are on strike for wage increases above inflation. It is probably the largest strike in higher education so far. They are asking for a raise that would bring them out of rent burden, for childcare subsidies, for job security, for full funding for international students, for smaller class sizes, as well as better protections from workplace harassment, and climate friendly policies like University investment in free public transportation.

We have approved a $500 donation to the strike and hardship fund, and we are organizing presence from union members at the daily pickets. We understand that their open-ended strike for fair bargaining to get a COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment Increase), where the union is asking for 10% increase for this year, and a minimum of 7% each year for the next coming years, is key. So far the UC is only offering 7% this year and 3% for the consecutive years. 

We too are dealing with the hardships of high inflation and low pay of our labor, as well as an increasing workload and larger class sizes. This is why we fully support UC workers, we think their struggle is our struggle and their win will also be ours as it will strengthen the bargaining power of other unions including ours. 

CFA-SFSU Executive Board

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