Strike Ready Syllabi

Posted on August 14, 2023

As reported last week, contract bargaining between our union and CSU management has reached “impasse,” the first step toward a possible strike. 

Because of potential impact to students, we encourage inclusion of the following paragraph in all syllabi:

The California Faculty Association (the labor union of Tenure/Tenure line Faculty, Lecturer Faculty, Coaches, Counselors, and Librarians across the 23 CSU campuses) is in a difficult contract dispute with California State University management. It is possible that we will call a strike or other work stoppage this semester. I promise to promptly inform you of any schedule disruption. Our working conditions are your learning conditions; we seek to protect both. For further information go to

Please talk to your students about this on the first day of class. We don’t yet know when we might strike or how long it might last. Last year we all took a large pay cut relative to inflation; management expects us to absorb this loss. In short, management has rejected our proposals for:

  • A 12% General Salary Increase to recover from high inflation
  • An increase in the minimum salary of our lowest paid faculty
  • Expanded parental leave
  • Workload improvements for Counselors and Lecturer Faculty
  • Faculty health and safety enhancements

I’m sure you have many questions. You can find some answers here. I will share more about the process and what’s at stake this coming Friday. 

In solidarity,

Brad Erickson

Chapter President

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