CFA Update

Speaker’s budget proposal keeps higher ed funding intact

The annual budget kabuki began last week when legislative leaders introduced their proposed budgets in response to the Governor’s May budget revision. Assembly Speaker John Pérez unveiled his proposal which is even friendlier to higher education than the governor’s. Pérez builds on the governor’s proposals by also seeking to protect access by reducing the Governor’s student fee hike by 50 percent.

Following the release of this proposal, legislative subcommittees took initial action on the budget.

The increased funding for the CSU remained intact through the subcommittee process, however, several lawmakers noted that this increase would be contingent on finding additional “revenue” to help make up the state’s sprawling budget deficit.

At some point – probably following the June 8 election – the state Assembly and Senate each will vote on budget bills. Then “conference committees” will attempt to reconcile the two houses’ and governor’s budget plans.

In recent years, the two parties have been unable to work out differences in committee. That has led to “Big Five” meetings of the Republican and Democratic leaders of each house and the governor.

That process can take weeks, if not months since California is one of just three states to require a two-thirds vote of each house to pass the budget.

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