Survey reveals faculty views on next CSU Chancellor

Wordcloud of survey results

The California Faculty Association conducted a survey of members and other members of the CSU community to generate discussion and frame input from the faculty regarding the search for the next CSU Chancellor. The Cal State U. Trustees have already begun the search for the next CSU Chancellor and the choice will have an impact on our public university system for years to come.

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We need a good process for selecting a new chancellor. And, we need clear, meaningful criteria to evaluate candidates for the job. The California Faculty Association will be a vocal advocate for a good process and a good choice. This informal survey generated enthusiastic results and confirms our belief that faculty are engage, and have a strong interest in participating in the search process.

The online survey was conducted between June 5 and June 18, 2012 using a non-probability convenience sample of Cal State University constituent groups including faculty, staff, students, alumni, and parents. Of the 1,431 responses, 88% identified as faculty and 8% as students. In addition to quantitative results (summarized and reported below), the survey collected more than 700 open-ended, qualitative responses.

CSU faculty members responding to the survey are looking for their next CSU Chancellor to be an experienced leader and advocate for public higher education with a commitment to shared governance (including collective bargaining). Faculty also expect the next Chancellor to have strong academic credentials.


Specifically, the faculty members who responded highlighted the importance of the of the following background and experience requirements:

  • A commitment to shared governance (with 90% responding Extremely Important)
  • A commitment to the collective bargaining process (with 89% responding Extremely Important)
  • Academic credentials for a tenured, full professor (with 90% responding Extremely Important or Important)Success in advocacy to legislators and other elected leaders on behalf of public higher education (with 86% responding Extremely Important)
  • A proven record of public higher education leadership (with 94% responding Extremely Important or Important)
  • CSU faculty expect the next Chancellor to hold values that prioritize quality, public higher education and a commitment to public service.

Faculty are looking for a leader who is committed to both academic freedom and the affordability of the CSU.

Specifically, faculty responses show a strong preference for the following values and traits in the next Chancellor:

  • Belief in the importance of quality public higher education (with 94% responding Extremely Important)
  • Dedication to transparency (with 98% responding Extremely Important or Important)
  • Ability to build community support for public higher education (with 97% responding Extremely Important or Important)
  • Commitment to academic freedom (with 99% responding Extremely Important or Important)
  • Commitment to keeping education affordable at the CSU (with 93% responding Extremely Important or Important)
  • A new direction for the CSU (with only 4% responding Extremely Important or Important that the next chancellor is committed to continuing in the direction that Chancellor Reed has taken the CSU)