CFA Coaches’ Handbook, through 2013

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  • PLEASE NOTE: An updated edition of the CFA Coaches Handbook based on changes in the faculty’s 2014-2017 Contract will be posted here in early 2015


This edition of the CFA Coaches’ Handbook comes to you through the efforts of your California Faculty Association colleagues. It will give you an overview of your rights as a coach in the California State University system, plus specific information on how to exercise and defend those rights.

This Handbook does not contain the entire Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA, i.e. the contract) between the CFA and the CSU, but it does reference relevant provisions in order to offer authoritative information about a wide variety of situations a coach may encounter working for the CSU.

CFA represents approximately 23,000 coaches, librarians, counselors, and lecturer and tenure-line faculty in the CSU, including approximately 650 head and assistant coaches working at 22 of its 23 campuses. Recognizing the need to stand up for coaches, in the latest round of bargaining CFA for the first time selected a coach (me) to serve on the bargaining team. Despite the challenging budget climate, we were able to preserve important protections and rights in our contract and achieve some improvements.

This handbook was born of the necessity for coaches in the CSU to be informed of their rights and know what to do if an athletic director or other administrator ignores those rights or fails to enforce the contract. We hope you take the time to read it over carefully. If there is something that you do not understand or have a question about, please contact the CFA representative on your campus.