CSU Sacramento Executive Board


Executive Committee Duties

The Executive Committee shall be vested with the authority to conduct the business of the Chapter, subject to the policies of the CFA and the instructions of the membership. The Executive Committee shall draw up a list of policies and procedures governing its behavior, including, but not limited to the following:

1. Be responsible for the Chapter’s continuing and effective presence on campus and for implementing efforts to promote CFA’s goals.

2. Schedule and prepare the agenda for Chapter meetings.

3. Make temporary appointments to fill vacant Executive Committee positions (except President and Immediate Past-President) until new elections have been held to fill the positions for the unexpired terms of office.

4. Appoint alternative representatives to the CFA Delegate Assembly when elected Representatives are unable to attend a meeting.

5. Appoint ad hoc committees as needed.

6. Appoint the Delegates to the Central Labor Council.

7. Approve any financial expenditures greater than $500.