CSU San Bernardino Political Action/Legislative Committee


Political Action/Legislative Committee

Our political action / legislative program has two objectives. First to lobby our local state representatives to champion CSUSB as a vital part of our community. Our message is that we must continue to provide high quality education to all qualified students in our region. We also insist that faculty must have good working conditions to ensure our students have excellent learning conditions. Our second objective is to inform and mobilize CSUSB faculty to protect our university. Only well-informed, committed, and united faculty can stand up to the threats to the Cal State system. We are facing a critical juncture in our university’s history. Lack of funding, skyrocketing student fees, stagnant faculty salaries, erosion of tenure track jobs, management bloat, and persistent managerial encroachment into shared governance have created a toxic environment whereby faculty livelihoods and our rights are under constant threat. In light of this we must organize and mobilize ourselves to regain our voice and help rebuild the CSU though our solidarity on campus, and our unified message to our political representatives.

Chris Naticchia, PA/LEG Chair