Your letter to Pres. Hagan

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November 2014

Dear President Hagan,

We, the faculty at CSU, Dominguez Hills, work hard to ensure that our students receive the highest quality education. But for the last decade increases in workload in the form of larger class size, increased advising responsibilities, and the growth in mentoring and evaluation obligations have taken faculty time away from providing educational quality for students and, as a consequence, is threatening student success.

In addition to workload problems, we also suffer from a very unhealthy salary structure caused by stagnation, inversion/compression, lack of progression and misclassifications. Now that the California economy is coming out of recession, it’s time to begin to restore health to our workload as well as our salary structure.       

 At Dominguez Hills per your many discussions with the campus community, we know there is funding available that could be used to help compensate the faculty who are teaching, mentoring and advising our students. Our campus community has suffered, and we call upon you to help rectify this situation. For pennies on the dollar—just 0.41% of the campus budget—you could help alleviate the problems and close the gap between the CSU and California Faculty Association’s contract proposals. As you and the provost have indicated, the underpayment of salaries on the DH campus is appalling. It casts a shadow on the morale of the campus community and deflects us from our primary mission of serving our students.

We are proud to be members of the faculty at Dominguez Hills and of the California Faculty Association. Help us secure a fair contract. After all, faculty working conditions are student learning conditions.



Vivian Price, Ph.D.    

CFA Steering Committee Co-President,                                         

 Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies 


Jose Prado, Ph.D.

CFA Steering Committee Co-President,   

Associate Professor, Sociology


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