Petition to President Armstrong
Sign Now To End Adminstrative Excesses & Increase Faculty Pay!

May 2015

Dear President Armstrong,

We, the faculty at Cal Poly, work hard to ensure that our students receive the highest quality education. But for the last decade increases in workload in the form of larger class sizes, increased advising responsibilities, and the growth in mentoring and evaluation obligations have made it increasingly difficult to provide the quality education our students deserve.

In addition to these problems, we suffer from an unhealthy salary structure caused by stagnation, inversion/compression and a lack of progression. At Fall Conference you said, “I feel strongly that you deserve competitive, market-driven salaries and benefits. The outstanding programs you have created and support attract and graduate the highest caliber students. I am going to do everything in my power to enhance your salaries. You deserve salaries commensurate with the work that you do to make this university excellent. “  We now call on you to put your words into action.

The $2.5 million campus-based equity program announced to date is nowhere near sufficient to make any inroads into salary stagnation and inversion.  Ignoring lecturers, coaches and counselors, who make up half of the faculty, is insulting.  The inequity experienced by long-serving tenured faculty whose salaries are essentially frozen must also be addressed.  Further, faculty must be permitted to help define their peer institutions for salary comparisons.  We demand that you negotiate the equity plan with the CFA.  As you stated in the recent “listening” session, the equity program needs to be at least tripled.

We know Cal Poly has funding available that could be used to help compensate the faculty who are teaching, mentoring and advising our students.  Between 2010 and 2014, while most faculty salaries increased only 3%, the sum total of all administration salaries increased 43% — this is unconscionable. 

We call on you to:

1) put an immediate moratorium on the total amount paid to administrators;

2) march the total of all administration salaries back to the 2010 level in the next 3 years; and

3) tie future increases in the total of all administration salaries to increases in the total amount of faculty salaries.

We are proud to be members of the faculty at Cal Poly.  We deserve equitable salaries.