President Haynes, Support Your Faculty!

Please indicate your support for a FAIR CONTRACT NOW by adding your name on the letter to CSU San Marcos President Haynes.


Dear President Haynes,

As you may recall, at the instigation of CFA, the Academic Senate of CSUSM passed a resolution at the end of the spring semester calling on you to implement an Equity Pay Increase Program to address the extensive salary inequity issues among CSUSM faculty.  This resolution came on the heels of a budget analysis performed by Dr. Howard Bunsis, Ph.D., J.D., M.B.A., Professor of Accounting at Eastern Michigan University and President of the Collective Bargaining Congress of the AAUP, which concluded that CSUSM does have the resources to fund such a program.  CFA asked Dr. Bunsis to perform this analysis in response to your earlier rejection (as reported by Provost Oberem) of CFA’s call for you to implement an Equity Pay Increase Program last fall on the grounds that the university did not have sufficient resources.

We received your response (again via Provost Oberem) to the Senate resolution in June, in which you once again declined to implement an Equity Pay Increase Program, and once again on the grounds that there are insufficient resources on campus for such a program, but this time taking issue with Dr. Bunsis’ budget analysis as well.          

The CFA research office has since acquired more data and informed the chapter that for mere pennies on the dollar—just 0.37% of the university budget—you, President Haynes, could fund our campus’ share of what it would take to close the gap between the CSU’s and CFA’s salary proposals.  Our contribution of this tiny portion of the budget, together with similarly small contributions from the other CSU campuses, would give us a contract that would begin to rectify the inequities of faculty salaries that are compressed, inverted, and stagnant—a situation caused by years of underpaying new hires, failing to provide service step increases, and rejecting requests for equity raises. California State University San Marcos is indeed a “Great College to Work for” in many ways, but faculty compensation is not one of them.  Morale is down; frustration runs high, and if CSUSM is to be a great university where it matters most—in the quality of the instruction and the scholarly contributions provided by its faculty—then please do the right thing and offer our campus’ small financial share of what it would take for us to reach an agreement on the new faculty contract.

It’s not only the right thing to do, at 0.37% of the university budget, it’s also the easy thing to do.


Darel Tai Engen, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of History
CFA Chapter President, California State University San Marcos

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