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The California Faculty Association expresses support for Stockton Teachers Association in their year-long effort to obtain a fair contract. The economic package being offered by the district will lead to a loss of income and, for many, an increase in work hours; that is unacceptable. The teacher shortage in the Stockton Unified School District is particularly acute, leaving thousands of students with overcrowded classrooms staffed by rotating substitutes. Teachers are leaving for neighboring districts which pay better, making it difficult for the district to recruit and retain the qualified faculty Stockton students deserve.

We support the Stockton Teachers Association members who voted overwhelmingly (97.2%) on September 8, 2016 to authorize their executive board to call a strike. Susan Green, Associate Professor of Chicano Studies at Chico State and California Faculty Association Treasurer, stated:

“The California Faculty Association (CFA) and its 26,000 members stand with Stockton Teachers Association (STA) in their pursuit of a fair contract with their employer. Students from Stockton become our students in the California State University, and we need well-qualified and compensated teachers in Stockton classrooms to prepare their students for the work we need students to do in the CSU. In turn, the California State University trains the majority of teachers in the state, including the teachers in the Stockton Unified School District, who are seeking fair compensation for their work. Our plights are inter-connected. It’s an educational circle of life. CFA has stood with STA over the past several months and will continue to do so until they receive a fair offer at the bargaining table. We encourage the district to re-evaluate their spending to prioritize the students and those who are on the front lines of working with those students.”

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