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Breaking News: CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed to retire

Former Gov. Schwarzenegger, Chancellor Reed

Today, CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed announced his retirement from the CSU system.

Reed – who has headed the system since 1998 – will remain on as Chancellor until a replacement is named by the CSU Board of Trustees.

CFA released the following statement regarding Reed’s retirement:

“Chancellor Reed has presided over an era of unprecedented turmoil in the California State University system. The CSU has seen devastating budget cuts, and students have borne much of the burden – student fees have more than quadrupled since 2002.

“This “changing of the guard” provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the direction of the CSU, and to improve the quality of education at the nation’s largest university system. We sincerely hope and will actively work to make sure Chancellor Reed’s retirement will offer an opportunity to usher in an era of better relations among CSU faculty, staff, students, and system management.

“We urge the Board of Trustees to engage in an open, transparent and inclusive process for selecting a new chancellor to guide our system. This process should reflect the diversity of the university community and not simply be a choice made by appointed Trustees behind closed doors.

“We wish Charles Reed well in his future endeavors.”