Headline - Special Edition

CFA members ratify tentative agreement on faculty contract

United we Won!

The CFA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that after three weeks of voting, the tentative agreement between CFA and the management of the California State University has been ratified by CFA members.

The vote was 91% in favor of ratification.

Congratulations to all who took some action to reach this moment—voting on this agreement, holding strike authorization votes over the last year, marching on picket lines, participating in the one-day strikes last November, speaking in public and with your families and friends about what is happening to the CSU, and so much more.

The final agreement has produced a balanced, good contract in light of difficult times. It acknowledges years of slashed public funding for the CSU and stands firm on the things faculty need to provide quality education to our students.

Next, the tentative agreement goes before the CSU Board of Trustees for a vote. Assuming they ratify it, this phase of negotiations on our contract will be completed.

Our next challenge will be to make our voices heard in the November 6 election.

  • Passage of Prop. 30 will be a step toward rationalizing state funding for the CSU and, at long last, beginning to roll back fees for students.
  • Defeat of Prop. 32 will ensure that CFA and other labor unions retain the ability to pool the individual power of union members, so that we all have a voice in the political arena.
  • Election of CFA members and other faculty members to the state Assembly and Senate will strengthen advocacy for public higher education in the state legislature.

Learn more on the CFA web site at: www.calfac.org/politics

Thank you again for your participation in the ratification vote, for being a CFA member, and for taking a stand for quality, accessible, affordable public higher education.