2016: A year of victories that ends with new challenge

December 2016

“This has been an amazing year for CFA and the People’s University,” said CFA President Jennifer Eagan as she and CFA’s officers have reviewed the status of CFA’s work since the start of 2016.

“The year started with the faculty preparing for a strike, winning a fair agreement, and laying the groundwork for protecting our profession. This year is coming to a close with amazing student activism to keep the CSU public and to protect our California values,” Eagan added.

CFA members have engaged in several successful campaigns this year, and won.

CFA was just a week from a five-day strike, and the faculty were thoroughly prepared for the walk-out, when last minute talks reach an agreement that gained much-needed pay raises for all faculty

The outcome of the November 2016 General Election means here in California, there are many elected state legislators who appreciate the importance of the California State University system.

CFA worked for important propositions that passed, in particular Prop. 55 that will help funding for a variety of needs including public higher ed.

The year ends amid serious uncertainties and a commitment to defend our values.

CFA is preparing to fight for the rights of vulnerable colleagues, students and staff, keeping the CSU affordable and accessible for Californians, and to defend the rights of workers to organize and have a voice.

“As both faculty and unions come under attack at the federal level, we will need our union—and our unity— more than ever to stand together and support one another in 2017,” Eagan said.

PHOTO: CFA President Jennifer Eagan joined a student-organized rally at San Francisco State during 2016.