AAUP-California Annual Conference at San Diego State in February

CFA’s Fight for Five, says AAUP’s First Vice President, Hank Reichman, fits closely in the theme of this year’s California AAUP conference, “AAUP and the Battle for Quality Higher Education in an Era of Corporatization.”

Reichman adds AAUP’s California Conference “stands with CFA and the faculty in the California State University system in the ‘Fight for Five.’” 

The conference will be held at San Diego State on Saturday, Feb. 20.

The organizers of the conference explain that “corporatization” is the basis of a “reform movement” over the last 30 years. According to organizers, the effort “strives to redefine students as ‘customers,’ to prioritize ‘efficiencies’ and ‘metrics’ over slow deliberation and deep reflection, to get faculty to work more hours for the same pay, to weaken academic freedom, shared governance, and tenure, to produce skilled workers ready for a job over intelligent and critically-thinking citizens who can work many jobs and create new ones, and to redefine the university as a ‘business’ and education as a ‘product.’”

“It stands in contrast to the altruistic ‘public good’ model that has informed AAUP’s approach to U.S. higher education for 100 years,” organizers note.

Proposals for workshops or complete panels (three speakers) may be sent to westcoast@aaup.org by Dec. 10.