AAUP Vice Pres. draws connections in contract battles of CFA and CUNY faculty

October 2015

Even as we in the CSU take a stand in the Fight for Five here in California, faculty across the country at the City University of New York are in a similar fight. CUNY faculty in the Professional Staff Congress have been working without a contract for five years and without raises for six.

AAUP’s national Vice President, Hank Reichman, who is a retired CSU faculty member and recent leader of CFA reports on the similarities between what is happening in the two systems in AAUP’s Academe blog:

“The California State University and the City University of New York have long been models of what some have called ‘people’s universities,’ providing access to education and advancement for working class and poor students of all races, religions, ethnicities and backgrounds. And both institutions have historically been successful because they have managed to attract talented and productive faculty members. 

“For some time now, however, both institutions have been under financial pressure and have responded with misplaced priorities and top-down administration. 

“While key managers receive high six-figure salaries, ever more instructors are hired off the tenure track at poverty-level salaries, often without benefits. Even the dwindling ranks of the tenured full-time faculty receive crumbs. 

“It’s time for all that to stop. Our colleagues in CFA and PSC are standing up not only for the economic security of all faculty but even more important for keeping the promise of public higher education for all.  

“The AAUP is proud to stand with them.”