Accounting Professor Howard Bunsis to lay bare CSU finances this week
Is there enough money for 5%? Ask an accountant!

Accounting Professor Howard Bunsis will be back in California at Cal State LA on Thursday and Cal Poly Pomona on Friday, to share with faculty his latest analysis of the CSU system’s financial status.

Bunsis, who is a leader of the American Association of University Professors and a faculty member at Eastern Michigan University, has been studying the CSU’s finances for years.

“The data is startling,” Bunsis remarked in a conversation this week. He is particularly concerned with the huge numbers of part-time hires and crowded classrooms that, he says help to generate a high level of “excess cash flow.”

“Even while the CSU has experienced two significant downturns in state appropriations, the CSU has weathered this. It is still possible to say ‘we are prudent managers’ and be able to hire faculty into permanent jobs, offer students smaller classes, and pay better salaries.”

Faculty and students are invited to hear his presentations:

Cal State Los Angeles:

Thursday, March 3, 3 pm to 5 pm:
Soriano Conference Room. Info: (323) 343-5310

Cal Poly Pomona:

Friday, March 4, 11:30 am to 1 pm:
Library Conference Room (Building 15, 2nd floor Reference Area) . Info: (909) 869-4818