Action: Tell Gov. Brown CSU needs his support in May Revise of State Budget

We need faculty and students to write letters to Gov. Brown urging him to include in his revised 2017-18 state budget plan the full amount that the CSU Trustees asked of him late last year.

The governor will release the May Revise of his state budget plan this month, so we will soon know his intentions for the CSU.

Write letters to Gov. Brown now through May 11.

Click here to send your letter (or use this link: http://www.calfac.org/write-the-governor)


In his initial 2017-18 State Budget plan, which he released in January, Gov. Brown included an increase of $157.2 million in funding for the CSU. That amount falls short of the $324.9 million the CSU Trustees’ requested from the state for the CSU’s coming academic year.

This year, the state budget debate has an added twist because the CSU Trustees raised student tuition, then promised to rescind the hike if the full funding request is included in the state budget by the legislature and signed by the governor.

Click here for an FAQ on the budget and to see “23 Reasons to Fund the CSU”