Activists to hold actions, speak to CSU Trustees next week about need for Justice4Josiah

Two years ago this month, 19-year-old David Josiah Lawson hugged his mother for the last time before heading back to Humboldt State University.

Just a few months later, Lawson was murdered outside a party near campus. Nearly two years have passed, but charges have never been filed. His family still waits for justice.

Next week, faculty and students will join with the Justice for Josiah Lawson Committee and community activists to highlight safety issues that continue to plague the campus, as well as continue the call for justice for Josiah Lawson and his family.

The People’s March for Justice, a march in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and in acknowledgement that racism and injustice continue to exist, will be held at 10 am Monday, January 21, at the Humboldt County Courthouse.

CFA also is planning to talk to the CSU Board of Trustees about growing dangers associated with extremist activists who target faculty and staff, and the need for the CSU to better support students of color.

“The CSU is actively recruiting students of color into these more rural campus climates—we have to make sure that there are resources there for them, that there is a plan to address racist incidents on campus, and that work is being done to make our campuses more inclusive,” said Sharon Elise, CFA’s Associate Vice President of Affirmative Action South.

“David Josiah Lawson was a student at a campus in a mostly white, rural community that has long had problems with racism. He died a horrific death. We must do all we can to help his family find justice, and to ensure our students of color return home safely to their families.” 

Click here to learn more about CFA’s efforts to seek justice for Josiah, including a ‘Radio Free CSU’ podcast featuring Josiah’s mother, Charmaine Lawson, and a video highlighting the case.