April 4 #FreeTheCSU—New animation tells why, RSVP to get there

Hundreds of faculty and students around the state have RSVP’d to go to Sacramento on April 4. And a just-released animation explains why you should RSVP, too.

“This is definitely an ‘if not now, when?’ moment for the CSU,” says Kevin Wehr, CFA Secretary who is organizing for April 4 along with his CFA chapter, which is just a few miles from the State Capitol.

Wehr explains, “During the 2008 recession, we were told there was no money for the CSU. That was a rough time for lots of folks on campus and in our communities.”

But, he adds, “Now, it’s completely different. This is one of the best fiscal years California has ever had. The state has $7 billion coming in above expectations—a huge surplus. And yet, we are still told that there is not enough money for the CSU.”

In just one minute, CFA’s new animation lays out what the fight over the CSU budget is all about. It’s important. The dollars the governor and legislature send to the CSU frame what kind of education the faculty can deliver to students, and the terms on which students are able to attend a CSU.

“Budgets are moral documents that express what a society cares about,” Wehr says. “California cared about public higher education in the past, put its money there, and the educated population this investment produced meant enormous success for our state. It makes no sense to abandon that now.”


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