Assembly Higher Ed Committee moves CFA’s “No Supplanting” bill

Even as CFA faculty delegations made the case for the “No Supplanting” bill (AB 716) in individual visits to legislative offices yesterday, the Assembly Higher Education Committee was deciding the bill’s future at a crowded public hearing.

AB 716 passed 12-0 and now moves to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

The CFA-sponsored legislation would help to head off a two-tiered system of class offerings in the CSU based on students’ ability to pay.

A state audit last year found that stronger rules are needed to prevent classes students must take to complete degrees from being moved into the for-profit, high-priced extended ed side of the CSU.

Assembly Member Evan Low (D-Cupertino), who is author of the AB 716 presented it to the committee. Low told the committee members, “By clarifying the definition of the term “supplant,” AB 716 will bring clarity to the Education Code and ensure readily available and affordable classes are maintained for all students.”

Photo: CFA President Lillian Taiz waits in a crowded hearing room for her turn to testify for the CFA-sponsored bill against supplanting required student classes into high-priced extended education.