Assemblymember Weber requests audit of CSU manager hiring, pay

The Joint Legislative Audit Committee voted this morning to grant state Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber’s request to audit “the levels of growth in the numbers of CSU management positions, increases in compensation of CSU Executives, and the oversight and accountability of the CSU budget.”

The CSU Employees Union, which represents a wide range of CSU staff employees, sponsored Asm. Weber’s request, and CFA stands in strong support of the requested audit.

Weber, a former faculty member at San Diego State, told the committee in her request that “[e]vidence indicates that CSU management positions and executive compensation have grown disproportionately since the 1990s.”

In CFA’s working paper series Race to the Bottom, which was released last year, the conclusions were clear: over at least the last decade, CSU administrators, like many corporate executives, have consistently and vigorously prioritized those at the top of the organizational hierarchy, while others in the CSU—students, staff, and faculty—have been left to languish.

At the same time that faculty salaries have plummeted in terms of purchasing power and student fees and student debt have skyrocketed, those at the top have done very well.