Attend legislative hearings on remedial education and on California’s shortage of credentialed teachers

During December, committees of the California State Legislature will hold hearings that could lead to new action on programs in public higher education including the CSU.

The State Senate’s Select Committee on Student Success will take testimony on remedial education in California’s public higher education system. This special committee’s chair, Senator Steven Glazer, has been a proponent of finding ways to move students to degrees faster, particularly in four years in the CSU.

A topic CFA will raise in public comment at the hearing is the CSU Chancellor’s Executive Order 1110 that makes broad changes to remedial education. CFA formally opposes EO 1110, as well as EO 1100 addressing general education, because the administration did not include proper and legally-required faculty participation on these curriculum matters before issuing the orders. CFA President Jennifer Eagan spoke to this at the most recent CSU Trustees meeting. The CSU Academic Senate is scheduled to testify.

CFA urges faculty in the Los Angeles area to attend to show support for CFA speakers who will address positive ways to help students in need of additional preparation. The Senate hearing on remedial education will be:

Monday, December 4, 9:30 am
In the Santa Monica City College Board Room
1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica

The State Assembly Higher Education and Assembly Education Committees will hear testimony next week at a joint hearing about solutions to California’s shortage of credentialed teachers in the K-12 system.

“Over the years, CSU faculty have witnessed a decline in the number of students pursuing teaching credentials,” says CFA Treasurer Susan Green, who is also a leader in the California Teachers Association, and who will testify for CFA at the hearing.

“This is due in part to a long-term political attack on the teaching profession that had discouraged students from pursing the teaching profession, as well as a struggle to win pay and benefits that provide teachers a middle-class living in the locales where they teach,” Green says. “It will take strong commitment from the state to restore the ideals that motivated so many of us to become teachers.”

Faculty in the Sacramento area are urged to attend the hearing:

Tuesday, December 5, 1:30 pm
The State Capital, Sacramento, Room 4203

Listen to a live audio stream

For more information about these hearings, contact CFA Legislative Director Mario Guerrero.