Bargaining Update: Second factfinding session in December

The CFA Bargaining Team and representatives from CSU management began the factfinding process in December, hoping to reach an agreement on faculty salary for the contract year 2015-16

The union made its case that the CSU is well-equipped to afford a 5% General Salary Increase plus an SSI (service step increase) for those who are eligible.

This is a comparable package to what other educators have received recently, and it is past time that CSU faculty see some progress after 10 years of wage stagnation.

Last Monday, management made the case that they have “other priorities” before faculty compensation, despite an increased augmentation from the Legislature for 2015-16, and large amounts building up in reserve accounts.

“Management’s case just isn’t persuasive,” said Jen Eagan, CFA President. “We know they have the funds; they know that we know that they have the funds. They need to stop playing games and get real.”

Factfinding is the last stage in negotiations as spelled out in HEERA, California’s higher education employment relations law. If factfinding does not result in an agreement, the “statutory” process will be done and the faculty will have the legal right to strike. The process now goes to the factfinding panel (one member appointed by the union, one by management, and a neutral third member), who will produce a report based on the briefs given by each side.  The report may be complete by late January 2016.