Bill to stop “supplanting” of classes goes to Senate hearing

The State Senate Education Committee will hold a public hearing next week on AB 716, a CFA-sponsored bill to stop the CSU administration from moving course sections students need to complete degrees out of the regular university and into Extended Education where students must pay much more.

The impact is a two-tiered educational system that favors students with more money to pay the higher cost of Extended Education classes.

This practice, known as supplanting, increased during the recession when the state made deep funding cuts to the CSU. It is outlawed by the education code but a state audit found that the particulars need to be defined better in order to prevent it.

AB 716, which was introduced to make that improvement, is sponsored by CFA and authored by Assemblymember Evan Low. It has passed unanimously in the Assembly and now moves through the Senate.

The Senate hearing is in Room 4203 at the State Capitol on Wednesday, June 10 at 9 am.

CFA Associate Vice President-North Kevin Wehr, who will testify at the hearing for CFA, says, “This bill addresses the request from the State Auditor to define supplanting and should help protect students from higher fees, and protect faculty from reduced salary, job loss, and reduced rights in the extended education work environment.”