Bills important to the CSU await governor’s signature

September 30 is the last day the governor can decide whether or not he will sign into law the bills waiting on his desk. Among the huge pile there are some of interest to the CSU and that CFA has either supported or opposed.

Bills on the governor’s desk that CFA supports include:

CAMPUS CLIMATE: AB 1653 (Shirley Weber D-San Diego) would require an assessment of each university’s “campus climate,—which considers everything about campus life from student access to classes to sexual harassment to working conditions for employees.

STUDENTS IN NEED OF FOOD ASSISTANCE: AB 1747 (Also by Shirley Weber) would require CSU and community college campuses to interact with “Cal Fresh,” which is a fresh food component of food stamps to help students in need and to have its services available on campus.

STUDENT MENTAL HEALTH: AB 2017 (Kevin McCarty D-Sacramento) would redirect a portion of Prop 63 money to a grant program for CSU and community colleges to improve student access to mental health services.

ETHNIC STUDIES: AB 2016 (Luis Alejo D-Watsonville) would require the State Board of Education to develop a curriculum on ethnic studies for grades 9-12 that would be available to school districts.

RELEASE TIME: AB 2294 (Jimmy Gomez D-LA) is a CFA-endorsed bill to ensure that CSU faculty have a statutory right to release time to perform union work. Our brothers and sisters teaching in K-12 and community colleges have this right already in law, and AB 2294 would make a similar guarantee for CSU faculty.

BAN ON SMOKING ON CAMPUS: AB 1594 (Kevin McCarty D-Sacramento) would ban the use of tobacco and vaping on CSU and community college campuses.

There is also a bill that CFA opposes, and which CFA hopes the governor will not sign…

GRADUATION RATES: (Steven Glazer D-Orinda) CFA opposes SB 412 because it redirects funds away from broad-based student support services to a narrow program that would only benefit a few.

The next legislative session begins January 3, 2017. CFA is collecting ideas for bills it should support. Send your ideas to CFA Legislative Director Nora Lynn.