Breaking news! Senate Committee proposes big increase in CSU funding

California Senate Budget & Fiscal Review Subcommittee 1 on Education approved a budget proposal this morning that, if adopted, would add $317.6 million to the CSU’s general state funding in the fiscal year that starts July 1.

“The persistent advocacy for many months by CFA members, CSU students and our supporters, is paying off for the California State University, witnessed by this funding proposal,” said CFA President Jennifer Eagan on hearing the news. “This is one victory on the road to reinvestment in our public university, and we must keep up the pressure.”

The proposal takes the governor’s plan for $92.1 million in additional funding, and adds additional ongoing, general fund money as follows:

  • $61 million for mandatory costs
  • $89.5 million to increase student enrollment by 3% (providing for 10,923 new full-time-equivalent students)
  • $75 million for the graduation initiative

The total proposed includes $50 million in dedicated funding for tenure-track faculty hiring; CFA members have argued strongly for this money to ensure consistent, quality education for CSU students.

The $317.6 million general fund increase is more than requested by the CSU Trustees and Chancellor last November. The governor’s May Revise, released on Friday, did not increase general funding for the CSU more than the $92.1 million he proposed in January. That amount would be an effective disinvestment because it trails inflation in California.

CFA is leading the charge to fulfill the California promise of a college degree for all eligible Californians by advocating for increased enrollment funding to admit more of the tens of thousands of eligible students, largely students of color, who are being turned away from the CSU.

“We have to open the gates to the CSU, both for our young people and for the state’s future success,” said Eagan. “We applaud the Senate committee’s plan to increase enrollment; it’s an important change of direction.”

Now the plan goes to the full state Senate Budget Committee.

Meanwhile, the next scheduled opportunity to show support for public higher education will be during the Assembly Budget Subcommittee 2 on Education Finance hearing at 9 am on Tuesday, May 22 in Room 447. Topics on the agenda are still being determined but can include overall funding for the CSU, funding for additional student enrollment, funding for more tenure-track faculty hiring, and funding the proposed all-online community college.