Cal. Democratic Party Convention endorses CFA “Fight for Five”

After a rousing speech by CFA President Jennifer Eagan, the 3200 delegates at the California Democratic Convention voted on Sunday to endorse CFA’s “Fight for Five.”

California Democratic Party chairman John Burton said, “California doesn’t have the country’s biggest and best public universities by accident. It’s because of the hard work of dedicated faculty and students.”

He added, “I know because I graduated from San Francisco State University and it launched me on my career more than 60 years ago. California State University faculty have stood with students and parents to protect our public universities during the recession. We need to give CSU faculty the respect they deserve and pay them what they are worth.”

In her speech, Eagan said In her speech, Eagan said, “We’re the little labor union that that could, and we’re taking on the largest university administration in the nation.”

She invited delegates to join the picket lines with CSU faculty should a strike be necessary in April, saying, “It is a fight not just for faculty or for the students. It’s a fight that represents our democratic values, the values of economic justice and social mobility. It’s a fight for a better state; join us.”