Cal State LA announces freeze on undergrad enrollment in January 2018

In a decision that may be a harbinger of things to come for other CSU campuses, Cal State LA’s administration announced last week that “all undergraduate programs will be close for admission” next spring.

The main impact is expected to fall on potential transfer students from California Community Colleges.

“CSU campuses choosing to restrict access to qualified students is one consequence of the chronic underfunding of our public higher education system,” says CFA President Jennifer Eagan.

“Students are working hard at community colleges to transfer to the CSU campus close to their home and families, and now they either have to change their plans or wait,” Eagan added. “The state needs these students to earn their degrees, and the lack of sufficient funding in the Governor’s budget thwarts the students’ hard work.”

Let your legislators know the CSU needs a $325 million funding increase in the 2017/18 state budget.

CSU campuses statewide note record-setting numbers of applicants this year.

CFA Associate Vice President Molly Talcott, who teaches at Cal State LA, said, “CSU administrators claim to be committed to access, equity, and closing the ‘achievement gap.’ And yet, this unfortunate decision will adversely impact a university, and the East LA community, where more than 90% of its students are people of color and first-generation college students.

“Meanwhile,” she added, “admissions at the more expensive, privatized downtown Cal State LA campus remain open, as before.”

Hear a report about the Cal State LA enrollment freeze on KPCC Public Radio

PHOTO: Students for Quality Education protested the coming tuition increase at the CSU Board of Trustees. Students assert tuition increases mean students must work more hours, leading to longer times to graduation, leaving fewer spaces for new students to gain admission.