California AAUP annual conference to tackle faculty strategies for higher ed, Feb. 8

CFA members are invited to the annual meeting of the California Region of the American Association of University Professors at Santa Clara University on February 8, 2014. The theme—“Faculty Voices: Shared Strategies for CA Higher Education in 2014”—reflects the seriousness of the undertaking for faculty engagement this year.

Kimberly King, a CFA member at Cal State L.A. who serves in the CA-AAUP leadership says, “I strongly encourage you to attend and participate in what will be a high-level discussion about the current issues and the future of higher education in our state.”

The keynote speakers include the past Associate Vice President of CFA’s Lecturers Council, Elizabeth Hoffman, and UC’s AFT adjunct faculty president, Bob Samuels.

King says, “They are amazingly knowledgeable and inspiring in their commitment to finding faculty- and student-centered solutions to the crisis in public higher education.”

See more about the CA-AAUP annual meeting program and register to attend