California Democratic Party adopts CFA resolution opposing student tuition hikes

CFA President Jennifer Eagan’s rousing call for a resolution to oppose tuition increases in our public higher education systems met with broad support at the California Democratic Party convention last weekend.

Convention delegates adopted a sense-of-the-body resolution amid cheers to “oppose any tuition increases at the UC, CSU or community college systems.”

Over the weekend, key provisions favoring public higher education made their way into the California Democratic Party’s platform. CFA and other community allies have advocated for many of these including support for reinvestment in public higher education “to correct years of insufficient allocations.”

The platform takes a broad view of financial support for college students saying, “We must return to tuition-free public college and university for all Californians, funded by progressive taxation.” The platform says living expenses and books must be part of that equation to avoid forcing students into excessive work hours, debt or dropping out.

At the same time, it supports a continuation of and expansion of existing student financial aid programs, with particular help to very low-income students to eliminate homelessness and hunger.

The platform defends the rights of teachers and faculty to organize unions and “receive wages commensurate with their expertise and responsibility.” It calls for Lecturer faculty “who do the same work as full-time faculty and meet the same professional standards” to be “paid a comparable wage.”