California vote count continues; Contest for Super. of Public Instruction still too close to call

As of this morning, more than 3 million ballots of California voters remained to be counted. Tony Thurmond, the CFA-endorsed candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, moved into the lead.

But, it could be days or weeks before enough votes are counted in the statewide race to declare a winner.

Lillian Taiz, chair  of CFA’s Political Action and Legislation Committee, points out “The good news is that voter turnout and motivation has been way up in this election; at the same time the sheer volume of votes makes counting them time consuming In the end, it may take a minute but California will make sure that every vote counts.

Hundreds of CFA members up and down the state participated in electoral upsets, helping long-shot CFA-endorsed candidates for State Assembly and State Senate win, and joining with members of other unions to help elect a number of NEA- and SEIU-endorsed challengers to incumbent Congressional Republicans.

Taiz says, “This year alone, CFA members put in 4000 hours of political action—some of us devoted as many as 100 hours. We contributed to historic voter turnout in California. Our faculty participated in the huge increase in people knocking on voters’ doors and we know that is key to convincing more people to get to the polls.”

She points out, “This election means a lot for public higher education, and the California State University especially. Having a governor-elect and a legislature focused on access, affordability and quality in the CSU means a better chance for reinvestment in public higher education.”

Taiz adds, “Of course, we cannot rest on our laurels now; instead we have to continue our advocacy for the CSU.”

PHOTO: Tony Thurmond, candidate for California Superintendent of Public Instruction, addressed the CFA Assembly in October.