Campus Academic Senate, student groups advocate for faculty, strike

Campus Academic Senates and student organizations are getting in on the strike support action in recent weeks.

At CSU San Marcos, the Academic Senate passed a resolution March 3 in support of CFA’s call for a strike. The positive move came just days after the CSU San Marcos Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Board of Directors voted to support CFA’s Fight for Five and stand with the faculty.

“Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions. Low professor salaries inhibit the attraction and retention of qualified professors, which also impacts the value of a student’s degree earned at CSUSM,” the resolution states.

Darel Engen, CFA Chapter President at CSU San Marcos said the support from both the Academic Senate and ASI sends a message to Chancellor White that there is strong support for the potential strike.

“When you get the Academic Senate to support your actions, it shows there’s a broad consensus for what we’re doing, and that we do need this raise and it’s reasonable to ask for,” said Engen, a History Professor at San Marcos. “And the students understand that this affects the quality of their education and our ability to attract and retain faculty.”