Campus bargaining meetings inspire ideas, motivation

Want to learn more about the union’s upcoming contract work and what could be impacted? Head to a CFA chapter bargaining meeting.

Three meetings are planned this week, including bargaining updates at East Bay and Stanislaus today, and at Cal State LA on Thursday.

Meetings also are scheduled for San Jose on May 17 and at San Luis Obispo on May 25.

  • Click here for a list of upcoming meetings by campus.

About 40 faculty attended the San Bernardino CFA Chapter’s bargaining meetings, led by Jonathan Karpf, a member of the CFA Bargaining Team and Associate VP of Lecturers, North.

“While content with the recent salary settlement, faculty are fired up to do whatever it takes to continue to improve the salary and working conditions for themselves and their colleagues,” he said. “They recognize that faculty working conditions are student learning conditions, and also talked about the need to increase tenure density in the CSU.”