Campus Equity Week Oct 28-Nov 2 to challenge direction of U.S. higher ed

In at least 25 states, faculty organizations are working with staff and students on their campuses to host a week of panels, movie showings, and campus actions to inject campus voices into many of the most pressing issues plaguing our higher education system.

“It’s just not good enough that administrators, executives and entrepreneurs shape the future of our educational system,” says CFA President Lillian Taiz. “Our nation needs to hear from the faculty and staff – the people who actually carry out education on our campuses. Campus Equity Week is another step to make that happen.”

CFA chapters on all 23 CSU campuses are participating. 

Many CSU campuses will host video showings of the play “For Profit” about being a recruiter of students for a private edu-business.

Rallies and panel discussions will take up student debt, a growing crisis in higher ed, as well as the destruction of middle-class jobs as more faculty positions become temporary and low-paid.

See a listing of events on your CSU campus online.

Go to the Campus Equity Week web site to learn about the many issues and events planned across the country. 

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