Can you hear us now? CFA launches ‘Radio Free CSU’ podcast, takes stand against CSU Executive Orders at Fall Assembly

CFA’s 86th Assembly marked the launch of the newest way to connect with our union—the Radio Free CSU podcast.

The podcast, available via iTunes and SoundCloud, begins with our inaugural 10-part series, “Stronger Together,” which focuses on CFA’s Anti-Racism and Social Justice Transformation work.

In each episode, CFA staffmember Audrena Redmond hosts a conversation with a CFA activist about one of the 10 Guiding Principles of the Anti-Racism and Social Justice Transformation.

In Episode 1, CFA President Jennifer Eagan discusses how CFA is a “strong social justice organization, but we can be even stronger.”

“Even though this work is really hard and really challenging, I’m hopeful because I think union folks should be really good at this work,” Eagan said. “We have a natural rebellious streak that we can put to use. We like changing the status quo and fighting the power and this kind of transformation should be right up our alley.

“Historically, unions haven’t been so great at this. They’ve often repeated the patterns of exclusion that their bosses have established and unions haven’t always been at the forefront of justice. Any kind of justice— racial justice, gender justice, environmental justice. But CFA has its sights on being part of the new Labor movement that doesn’t make that same mistake.”

Subscribing to the podcast is easy thanks to iTunes. Just open the podcast app on your iPhone, and search for ‘Radio Free CSU,’ then tap ‘subscribe.’ Future episodes will automatically download to your app. A transcript of the podcast also is available here.

During the Assembly, CFA chapter delegates also took time for governance work, meeting with councils, committees, and caucuses to discuss issues facing members and the union.

Delegates approved resolutions to rescind CSU Executive Orders 1100 [revised] and 1110, and passed a resolution in opposition to U.S. military intervention in Korea. Last month, CFA demanded that CSU management “meet-and-confer” over the executive orders, which would change student General Education and remediation requirements.

Delegates also approved changes to CFA’s bylaws, including language highlighting the union’s commitment to Anti-Racism and Social Justice, widening opportunities for under-represented members to hold positions on the CFA Board of Directors, protecting CFA from liability, and more.