CFA activist weaves ‘Equity, Interrupted’ findings into NEA book review

Proving that academic review and union activism can dovetail seamlessly, CFA leader Sharon Elise wove details from CFA’s “Equity, Interrupted” report into a recent review she penned for the National Education Association’s publication Thought & Action.

Elise reviewed Ellen Mayock’s Gender Shrapnel in the Academic Workplace. The book, according to Elise, looks at the way in which national rhetoric affects the discourse on privilege and gender in the workplace.

Elise, a Sociology Professor at CSU San Marcos and the CFA San Marcos Chapter’s Affirmative Action Representative, not only provides insight into her own experience as a Black woman in higher education, but also incorporates findings from CFA’s important paper, “Equity Interrupted,” which found that funding for the CSU declined just as its student population grew increasingly diverse.

Wrote Elise:

“The transition from a predominantly White student body to one that is ‘majority minority’ has been accompanied by diminished per capita funding for student education in the CSU—the largest public system of higher education.  At the same time, the number of ‘temporary’ faculty has mushroomed to become the majority of faculty positions.  It is of no surprise that the majority of them are women. The accumulation of gender shrapnel is becoming a common experience of faculty life in a profession that is increasingly feminized and temporized, and deserving of our concern and attention.”

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