CFA activists bring message of CSU faculty pain to Chancellor’s DC visit

The truth about faculty salaries and Chancellor Tim White’s unwillingness to restore faculty salaries and invest in students followed him to Washington, D.C. last week during his breakfast meeting with the California State Society.

White was in the nation’s capital to fundraise and promote the CSU, but the faculty’s message about CSU management’s misplaced priorities followed him there.

CFA Treasurer and Chico State Professor Susan Green, along with Cal State Dominguez Hills Professor David Bradfield, CSU Northridge Professor Cecile Bendavid and Cal State East Bay Professor Hank Reichman, First Vice President of AAUP, shed light on what was really transpiring back at home in California.

“Chancellor White’s breakfast in Washington D.C. was over-priced business as usual,” Green said. “The tired lines that faculty ‘need to live within their means’, and that ‘it will take many years to recover from the 2008 recession’, have been repeatedly refuted by faculty on campuses all semester long, but clearly have not been heard by the Chancellor.”