CFA addresses Trustees on budget proposal

Every year at this time, the CSU Trustees adopt a state funding request for the next academic year. The request goes to the governor to be considered for his budget plan to be presented in January to the state legislature. It becomes part of the state budget plan that is supposed to be adopted by June.

This year, the request is made in a more auspicious environment given the passage of Proposition 30, which halts trigger cuts from the state, and Proposition 39, which will bring more revenues into the general fund. Of course, the cuts made since 2008 will continue to have an impact on the CSU.

Robert Turnage, the CSU’s Assistant Vice Chancellor for Budget, characterized the request as “ambitious” and told the Trustees that with this proposal to the Governor “we are asking the state to reinvest” (in the CSU).”

Read the budget request.

CFA President Lillian Taiz addressed the Trustees on the budget request saying:

“As a result of the success (of Prop 30), those of us in this room will not have to spend months fighting one another over the drastic measures that were being considered if Prop 30 failed. Instead we can turn our attention to working for a budget that will begin to rebuild the CSU. Indeed, CFA is pleased to see that this budget request seeks to restore investment in our system….

“We must seize the momentum coming out of the November election. CFA is ready to work with the Board and the incoming administration to repeat the successful collaboration of 2007 so that we can reverse the race to zero in California and restore public funding to the CSU.”