CFA Assembly celebrates 30 years

CFA 30 Years

Delegates to the CFA Assembly last weekend celebrated CFA’s 30 years of representing the CSU faculty with an inspiring panel, greetings from affiliated organizations, historic videos, and a toast committing to another good 30 years.

Past CFA presidents Anne Shadwick and Susan Meisenhelder joined long-time Lecturer activist/leader Elizabeth Hoffman and Ed Purcell, who have played key roles in bargaining CFA’s contracts since 1984, to recall important moments in CFA history.

In her talk, Hoffman told delegates, “Our union has changed people’s lives for the better.”

AAUP First Vice President Hank Reichman greeted the crowd at a dinnertime program on Saturday night emceed by CFA vice presidents Leslie Bryan and Charles Toombs.

Reichman said, “AAUP has been proud to be part of CFA from the very beginning. CFA members from the start played important roles in AAUP and continue to do so. CFA’s contract is a model for protection of the rights of contingent faculty, and its successful efforts to involve and unite diverse faculty members are exemplary.”

California Teachers Association Board members Mary Rose Ortega and E. Toby Boyd gave a hearty congratulations from teachers to teachers. Assemblymember Anthony Rendon (AD 63-Lakewood) brought warm greetings and personal stories about the importance of education in his and his constituents’ lives.

Delegates hooted to a 2001 video, Takin’ It to the Trustees, that recounts the first time CFA organized a large protest at a CSU Trustees meeting at the Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach. Then they sat back to a slide show that started with images of the first CFA Assembly in 1983 though today.

CFA President Lillian Taiz rounded out the evening with a toast to “those who came before, those who are to come and all of us today” working for a fair contact and quality higher ed.