CFA Assembly highlights

ADDRESS BY SEIU PRESIDENT: A highlight of the CFA Assembly last weekend was an address by SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry. In addition to greetings on CFA’s 30-year anniversary, she spoke about SEIU’s program around the country to organize adjuncts (Lecturers) in private colleges into collective bargaining units.

Henry said, “Our efforts are informed by the tremendous work that CFA and the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education have led on, such as access to affordable quality education and smart approaches to online learning that do not diminish standards.”

CFA President Lillian Taiz commented after the address, “We are very pleased that SEIU President Henry took time to meet with CFA delegates. SEIU supports new organizing of contingent faculty in many important ways.”

ELECTIONS: Delegates elected CFA members to the following positions:
CTA State Council Delegate through June 25, 2015: Gus Lease/San Jose
Political Action/Legislation Committee Member Jan 1, 2014-Dec 31, 2016: Melina Abdullah/Los Angeles
CFA Elections Committee Oct 2013-Oct 2015: Dorothy Chen-Maynard/San Bernardino, Judy Olson/Los Angeles, José Cintrón/Sacramento, Natalio Avani/San Francisco, Nathan Oestrich/San Diego