CFA Assoc. VP on Ethnic Studies in the CSU
California Faculty magazine feature

The Fall 2016 edition of California Faculty magazine, available online and in print through your campus CFA chapter, includes an analysis of the CSU Task Force on the Advancement of Ethnic Studies, which was released last summer by the Chancellor’s Office.

CFA Associate Vice President Charles Toombs, who also serves as president of the San Diego CFA Campus Chapter, examines the report in “Themes emerge from report of CSU Chancellor’s Task Force on Ethnic Studies.”

He notes trends to fewer ethnic studies faculty and increasingly relying on temporary appointments, and recounts the various steps taken this year by the administration.

Toombs notes—presciently given the article was written earlier this term, well before the Nov. 8 presidential election—that “events over the last few years in America clearly indicate the need for all of us to be culturally literate and competent of different races, ethnicities and perspectives.”