CFA backs new bill to address police use of force

State Assemblymember Shirley Weber, a past faculty member at San Diego State, has introduced a new bill, ‘The California Act to Save Lives,’ to address the standards by which sworn police officers make use of force.

CFA has co-sponsored AB 392 to update the law on when and how police officers use force, and it would require using options other than deadly force whenever possible.

“Too many families have been shattered by police violence in California including the families of some of our own CSU students,” said CFA Political Action & Legislation Chair Lillian Taiz. “Police should not take a human life when there are alternatives. While this seems like common sense, it isn’t the current practice in California.”

Supporters of Assemblymember Weber’s bill have noted there are enormous racial disparities in how police use force. When police use other tactics to slow down situations and de-escalate tension, it saves community lives, and even increases safety for officers themselves.

“This situation is not universal,” said Taiz. “California police departments have among the highest rates of killings in the nation.”

An analysis by the Washington Post of census data found California police kill 37% more people per capita than the national average.

CFA joins the American Civil Liberties Union, AFSCME Local 3930, Black Lives Matter-California, and community and youth organizations in co-sponsoring AB 392.

PHOTO: Assemblymember Shirley Weber (at the podium) announced AB 392 “The California Act to Save Lives” has been introduced for consideration by the state legislature. Among supporters at the announcement were (from the right) Assemblymember José Medina, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Higher Education, and Dijbril Diop, CFA Director of Government Relations.