CFA Bargaining Team tackles Academic Freedom, Intellectual Property

CFA’s Bargaining Team met with management twice in April to discuss Academic Freedom and Intellectual Property. As part of the agreement to extend the contract last year, CFA and CSU management had agreed to discuss issues of concern prior to bargaining the next faculty contract in Fall 2019.  

CFA is concerned about protecting and expanding Academic Freedom in the contract, especially given the current political climate and the recent controversy in Fresno. Recent racist, sexist, and white supremacist acts that campuses have endured bring issues of Academic Freedom and free speech into focus for us all. 

Management has expressed interest in changes to Intellectual Property rights, an issue that the CSU administration raised to the Academic Senate of the CSU last year.

In this limited round of bargaining, if CFA and management cannot come to an agreement on both issues, then the current contract language will remain unchanged. Bargaining Team Chair Kevin Wehr explained, “The union is committed to protecting faculty members’ rights with regard to both Academic Freedom and Intellectual Property, and we will aggressively stand up to any management takebacks.”

Look to our Contract & Bargaining News page for updates, and/or email the bargaining team at bargainingideas@calfac.org.