CFA is building power, creating the future

We are in a unique position this spring—the proposed state budget includes an unprecedented 8% increase in funding for the CSU. We also have a governor who understands the financial struggle our students face, as well as the needs of faculty, and who is willing to take action to protect public higher education.

That’s because of all of us, and our collective work as the union.

CFA President Jennifer Eagan reflects on our recent wins in a column about the power of faculty activism and our positive uses of that power.

Eagan writes:

“There is another way to think about power. Power can be cultivated to correct injustices, to gain resources for those who need and deserve it, and to protect the public good.

As faculty, we know why we use the power we have—for our students, for our colleagues, and for the conditions that make what we do as educators possible. From the perspective of the union, we often think of protecting all of these things through our rights in the collective bargaining agreement, but that’s not the only venue where we exercise positive power. We work to secure racial and social justice, and to address the conditions that affect all members of our CSU community.

CFA has been building positive power to effect real change in the CSU since 1983. That is not to say these exercises of positive power have been easy or that we always prevail, but we have attempted to craft a future that serves faculty, students, and the cause of justice for the entire state of California.  

We often think of each term, academic year, and political season as discrete events, but from the perspective of the union, the steps to building positive power take years and each step builds upon the last.”

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